sri maha pratyangira devi

The revelation of Pratyangira Devi 

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Religious teachers and spiritual seekers throughout time have tried to convey and relate their inward experience of God's many holy aspects with familiar comparisons. Many have experienced and represented Divine energy as feminine and motherly using the term Divine Mother.

Still, as God is infinite, there are many aspects to the Divine Mother energy. One such aspect, and a powerful and potent aspect at that, who we know as Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi was experienced by two rishis (saints) in ancient times. Sri means a form of respect, Maha means great, Devi means Goddess. Pratyangira is a name. It is not Her name though, as She is nameless and formless.

The two rishis, Pratyangira Maharishi and Angiras Maharishi were in the cosmic vibration and were meditating in a blissful state. They were doing their work, recording the akashic records for Atharvana Veda, writing the Atharvana Veda. When they were meditating, in the cosmic ethereal waves of the sound current came the sound Ksham, Ksham, Ksham... as a wave. The rishis tuned to that sound and recognized that it is an energy vowel that is coming through and that they needed to record it.

Before the rishis record anything, they chant it many times until they attain siddhi with that sound syllable or mantra, and only then do they record it. As the two rishis listened to the word 'Ksham', they did a rigorous tapas, penance, with this sound, with this energy formation. As they did it over a period of time, other sounds kept coming in, forming the moola mantra. The sound 'Ksham' which is a Beej Mantra (root syllable) was automatically attracting the rest of the energies. It is difficult to explain the meaning of the word 'Ksham' because of the power and vastness of its energy. It can be conveyed simplistically as 'bliss', but it is not a direct meaning and is only the tip of the iceberg.

As the two rishis were chanting it, they went into a state of high bliss and collected the entire mantra, the Moola mantra. Moola means, 'the root' or the cause of all the intentions out there. They duly recorded this mantra into the Atharvana Veda after they attained the mantra siddhi.

As they recited the moola mantra a countless number of times, it created a wave, a tsunami of energy and it hit the entire universe. From this wave of energy, the formation of this Mother took place and She revealed Herself to the two rishis. Because when you call upon an energy, it will manifest; somehow the form will manifest. 

The two rishis, Angiras Maharishi and Pratyangira Maharishi were honored to see the form of the Mother. The Devi Herself, the pure consciousness, came through, and showed itself and said "my dear children, from today onwards, I shall be called upon by your names as Maha Pratyangira Devi". Her name is a combination of both the rishis' names. In Her Potri Malai, She is referred to as “Angirasar Prathyangirasar Dyaname Potri”. 

The Mother is a nameless, formless void energy who never even named Herself. She honored the two rishis by giving the blessing to be named after them. And that is how Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi came forward into this world.

In the current time, Amma Adi Sakthi and Swami Shanmuga had an open-eye darshan of Pratyangira Devi. With the Mother's guidance, they formulated the simple yet profound Ksham Meditation which allows one to access Pratyangira Devi consciousness with ease.