sri maha pratyangira devi

Love of the Mother Pratyangira 

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A poem which succinctly expresses all what the Mother Pratyangira is about

Love of this Mother is not an ordinary one,
Which'll drench you in perennial bliss and warmth,
It's a kind of fierce love, that'll scorch you inside out,
It'll question your faith, a hundred times over,
Before it'll accept you within its select fold,
It'll kill you and your Ego, many times over,
Before you can become, worthy to be called Her very own,
Pratyangira is not a sober Mother, who will cuddle you,
Till you snuggly fall asleep,
She is the One, who will shake you violently from your slumber,
So you can at last take heed, of all the blunders,
Not everyone is equipped to face this kind of love so fierce,
For it requires sacrifices of a greater kind over and over,
Stand up, only if you're ready to offer your pride & fear,
For She is anyway going to break it all piece by piece,
Till you are left with nothing, yet full many times more,
She will be yours, only if you allow yourself to be taken apart,
Till then don't even dream of winning Her, for it's best to stay apart,
Also, know one thing more and be doubly sure,
If She decides to tear apart your citadel of darkness, that too in love,
She will also rebuild you and your world, as the Light of the Universe.