sri maha pratyangira devi

Understanding the energy of Pratyangira Devi 

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Whatever energy one approaches Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi with, She reflects that energy back a thousand-fold. If one approaches Her with devotion and love, they manifest many times over in ones' life. However, if one approaches the Devi with ulterior motives and energies, they are reflected back manifold. The Pratyangira energy is like an echo chamber or kaleidoscope which reflects back many times.

The darker side of people is afraid to accept Mother Pratyangira's energy. But when one is aware of their darker side and approaches the Mother with devotion and beseeches Her to destroy it, She devours it.

Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi needs to be approached with a lot of care, love, devotion, and sincerity. This Mother is not someone to play or meddle with, for She is very potent energy, akin to a nuclear bomb energy.

Around this Mother's energy, nothing can or should go wrong. One has to be of pure consciousness to be around with this Mother's energy. She steps on even the most sincere Sadhaka of Hers if they commit a mistake and kills those negative energies which made them commit that mistake. If the sadhaka is not doing the right thing, She will immediately nullify the energy, and it automatically goes into a shutdown mode. But the Mother never lets Her devotees down and patiently stays by their side and lifts them when they are ready. Even as the Mother's energy is feisty, it is also very fiercely loving, energetic, and playful.