sri maha pratyangira devi

The Mother who fiercely protects Her devotees 

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Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi naturally and fiercely protects Her devotees' souls. Because the Mother is a symbol of truth and justice, naturally ill effects will be nullified for those who worship her. The Mother shapes Her devotees to who they need to become ultimately by creating the necessary experiences for them. Sometimes these experiences may not be pleasant as they are created for our soul to learn its lessons. But the Mother never deserts Her devotees, She is always by their side. When everything appears to be going down, the Mother comes and picks them up.

Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi doesn't necessarily go to the person who has studied all the Vedas and scriptures. She goes to the cry of one child or soul, who calls Her soulfully. When you call for the Mother soulfully and connect with Her, She will immediately arrive.

Mother Pratyangira teaches us by removing fear and pain from our lives. She shows us that our attachments to certain aspects of our lives cause these circumstances of fear or anguish. A refusal to let go is refusing to release the attachment which causes our pain. If there is pain or fear in one’s life, there is something to be released, and something to be learned. Meditative contemplation and the Mother’s Grace make it possible to let go. Once there is a release, there is Void. The experience of this Void for the first time is like a journey home. There has always been this comfort and, there has always been this Mother. 

As one experiences the Mother's energies in increasing intensities, they are coming face to face with their soul as the veils and shields around the soul are naturally peeled away. It is a process of catharsis, the purging away of all the negative and suppressed emotions. It is a continuous healing process, where the karmas of the present and past lives are released. As the soul is washed and rinsed clean, one feels light in their being, a feeling of being One with the Mother Pratyangira. 

The Pratyangira aspect of the Divine Mother is not known to many people; not everyone is blessed to have a Darshan of this Mother or to even learn about Her. If one is experiencing Her energies or learning about Her, they must have done some good karmas to attract this Mother into their life. Those who are ready to receive the Mother's blessings, those whose soul must be yearning for Her, to step into higher consciousness, come into contact with Pratyangira Devi.