Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi

Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi, a powerful aspect of the Divine Mother, is the Mother of Moksha (liberation). She frees Her devotees of their karmas and from the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. She is the embodiment of Dharma (righteousness), Satya (truth), and impeccable justice.

Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi is of pure bliss, pure ananda. She fiercely protects Her devotees and devours their negativity, lifting them towards liberation with Her swift and powerful energy. She takes form when things go out of balance and heralds the world into Satya Yuga. She is within each and every being, in all planes of existence, waiting to be awakened within.

Throughout the Ages, Pratyangira Devi has been patiently and gracefully waiting to reveal Herself, Her heart ready to receive us. It is our choice to take hold of Her hand; She has been waiting to embrace us. Through Her Grace, a devotee becomes a pure refined soul.

Pratyangira Devi is known as the Mother of the Void because She comes from a deep place within the Divine Mother, from an area referred to as the Void. In the Void, everything is unmanifest and in a potent state. There are no thoughts of fear, pain, loss, want, desire, or of time and space... just the warmth of the Mother’s love. The Void is a place of pure consciousness, of stillness; it is a blissful state of being.

In the current Age, the Mother is revealing Herself through Her Adiyargal (devotees and servants) Amma Adi Sakthi and Swami Shanmuga. They bring Her consciousness and energies into the world in a pristine and approachable manner.

The form of the Mother

Pratyangira Devi presents Her form to us as a Goddess with the head of a male lion and the body of a woman. Her form and energy represent the balance between the masculine and the feminine (Shiva-Shakti). It is a representation of yin-yang, the balance between opposing forces, enabling Her devotees to transcend dualities into Ekatvam, or Oneness with their higher Self.

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The Mother who devours Karmas

Pratyangira Devi devours a devotee’s karmas and answers their prayers so long as they hold pure intentions, take responsibility for their karmas, and walk the path of Dharma. She transforms negative energy by purifying it. The Mother gives Herself entirely as She is an ocean of Grace. She asks of us only our devotion, and in return She gives infinitely, revealing to us our True Nature. Wherever there is sincere devotion, Pratyangira Devi will reveal Herself. She is always by the side of Her devotees and protects them.

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Swift and powerful energy vortex

As Pratyangira energy manifests, it’s often a swift and powerful current. Because the energy strikes at the roots of one's negative aspects, it is akin to pulling the rug underneath. The energy comes like a tornado, shakes one up from the inside, frees and energizes them quickly, and takes them towards their soul liberation.

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Ushering in the Satya Yuga energies

The Pratyangira aspect of the Divine Mother has been kept somewhat secret for much of history. This Mother takes form when there is much to be brought into balance in the world. She is the Goddess who ushers in Satya Loka energies amid Kali Yuga energies.

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Elevating to the Pratyangira consciousness

The easiest way to transcend normal levels of consciousness and elevate to the Pratyangira consciousness is the practice of the simple yet profoundly powerful Ksham Meditation. This transformational practice helps one attain a state of stillness in their mind and to be in their bliss body.

Ksham Meditation has been formulated by the Adiyargal Amma Adi Sakthi and Swami Shanmuga. It is an all-encompassing practice and is the only practice needed to realize Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi.

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Love of the Mother Pratyangira

A poem which succinctly expresses all what the Mother Pratyangira is about

Love of this Mother is not an ordinary one,
Which'll drench you in perennial bliss and warmth,
It's a kind of fierce love, that'll scorch you inside out
. . .

How Pratyangira Devi revealed and named Herself

Because Pratyangira Devi comes from the Void, She does not have a form or name. The energy of the Devi was first experienced and recorded by two rishis (saints) in ancient times while in their blissful meditative state. The Devi honored the rishis, Angiras Maharishi and Pratyangira Maharishi by giving the blessing to be named after them.

Reading about how the Mother revealed Herself and came to be known as Pratyangira Devi is a powerful experience in itself.

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Misconceptions of the Devi

There are many misconceptions about Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi and people try to misuse Her energies. A common misconception is that She is the deity for the removal of black magic or to perform black magic.

Pratyangira Devi is the all-powerful Goddess, the giver of Moksha, liberation. She is the protector of Dharma or Righteousness and, therefore, how can She be associated with black magic?

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Pratyangira Devi is often called Ugra Devata, or the wrathful Goddess, and people are asked to not pray to Her as harm would befall them. The Devi sure is fierce, but Her fierceness is because She eats ones' negativity and raises them further into the path of Dharma. But if one is deceitful in their ways and tries to propitiate the Mother and use Her energies for adharmic purposes, they will reap the negative effects of it in a magnified way.

There is a misconception that one should not have pictures of Pratyangira Devi in their home. This a grossly misplaced notion of the Mother; She is an ocean of grace, and can only shower one with Her love and grace.

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Mention of the Mother in the ancient Scriptures

The Markandeya Purana tells the story of how Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi calmed down the wrath of Ugra Narasimha, the half-lion half-human incarnation of Lord Vishnu after He killed the unruly demon king Hiranyakashipu.

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The Mother Pratyangira is unrelenting in protecting Dharma. She does not help Her devotees if the cause is not just. This aspect is demonstrated in Ramayana, in the story of Indrajit, son of Ravana and a devotee of Pratyangira Devi.

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In other traditions

Ancient traditions and civilizations like Egypt and Tibet have recognized the energy of Pratyangira Devi, and refer to this Mother as Sekhmet and Simhamukha, respectively. Their traditions talk about the astounding potency of this aspect of the Divine Mother. 

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