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A glimpse of Amma and Swami’s work

amma adi sakthi, swami shanmuga adiyargal

Wisdom of the heart

All the knowledge lies in its petals and triangles only. But when you reach the center, there is nothing more to know - for there resides Goddess Shunya in all Her Nothingness.

Amma Adi Sakthi and Swami Shanmuga impart spiritual knowledge, practices, and teachings to people in ways that are deeply transformational and transmutational. Whatever knowledge they share or spiritual practices they follow and teach is through Atma Vidya, the direct guidance from the Mother, through Akashic records. Very little of what they know is by way of books or literature. All the knowingness and knowledge that unfolded to them in their heart, they share it with people, oftentimes unlocking secretly held knowledge about Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi

amma adi sakthi, swami shanmuga adiyargal

The path of Mukti

All this knowledge all these teachings that have been given to me, if I am not able to share it with people, it is painful for me. As a mother, one would understand her pain if she wants to give something to her child, but the child refuses it. This is the path of Gnana, the path of great knowledge, the path of Mukti or liberation. I know this, I want to give. But you do not need to trust me. I need you to trust yourself, give yourself a chance.

Because they believe that experience is the real teacher, Amma and Swami's programs and workshops are deeply experiential, where people 'get it' at a soul level instead of just theoretical knowledge. They often create energy vortexes that can be physically experienced, or take attendees on deep meditations; many have found both to be permanently transforming.

Amma and Swami conducted programs and workshops in many countries such as USA, India, Singapore, and Malaysia. People of all backgrounds and traditions attended their programs and took Shaktipat (transmission of spiritual energies) from them. People naturally experience a rare transference of the power of the Divine Mother carried by Amma and Swami. This energy opens doors to higher consciousness, clears obstacles to abundance and good relationships, protects from negativity, and dissolves sufferings.

With their unique signature programs and teachings, Amma and Swami teach people how to transcend the Kalachakra, or time cycle, to dwell in the auspicious Satya Yuga energies at all times despite being in the distorted Kali Yuga energies. Through their guided meditations people experience the chamber of the Divine Mother where they can manifest all their life and soul desires. They have formulated the simple Ksham Meditation using the Beejakshara of Pratyangira Devi moola mantra. This meditation easily paves the way for one to elevate themselves to the Pratyangira consciousness to be in a blissful state and to manifest what they want.

Amma and Swami were honored twice in 2009 and 2013, to speak at the United Nations' Society for Enlightenment And Transformation (S.E.A.T.) following in the steps of a long list of world-renowned speakers, including the late Sri Chinmoy, Bishop Desmond Tutu, as well as world engineers, scientists, and doctors, among many others. They have been keynote speakers at the World Parliament on Spirituality in India, the Vallalar Conference in Malaysia, and other forums. They have been recognized by the City of Los Angeles for their work in advancing consciousness in humankind.

amma adi sakthi, swami shanmuga adiyargal

Transformation from within

When we are transformed within our hearts, the world is transformed. The heart of the world is merely the sound of our many hearts together in one voice. When an individual soul is transformed from the inside, it radiates its light to the outside, to the universal soul, and thus moves the world into greater harmony.

When not doing programs and interacting with people, Amma and Swami spend time in Mangala Tapasya, a profound spiritual discipline, spent mostly in solitude, aimed at ushering auspiciousness into the world. They have spent extended times in the Himalayas and South India temples and sacred energy places like Tiruvannamalai, Palani, Madurai, Tanjavur, connecting to the ancient Divine Mother energies and walking in the footsteps of the great ascended masters.

This Mangala Tapasya is an important part of their Dharma, where they do the work of the Mother Pratyangira in silence and away from the gaze of the world. Even when they are spending time with their children in Singapore and leading a normal life, they are still in Tapasya because of their ability to be detached and silent within in the midst of worldly activities.

All through their pilgrimages, Amma and Swami channel the ancient sacred energies for the benefit of the world. Saints and realized beings that they encounter during their travels instantly recognize and acknowledge the energies that Amma and Swami carry.

With the belief that serving humanity is the same as serving the Divine, Amma and Swami have sponsored many charitable activities. They do Nishkam Karma which is selfless action without expecting anything in return. They keep performing their Dharma selflessly for the collective benefit of the world.

Peaceful was the first word that came to mind when Amma Adi Shakti asked us to say how we felt after receiving the Sacred Geometry Healing. Perhaps a better word would have been “blissful” to describe the state that I was in. It was the kind of peace that was deeper than some psycho/emotional state. It was a grounding in something bigger than myself, something so powerful, so magnificent, that all fear was missing from my being! It was a glimpse into what my life can be, if I turn myself over to such divine energy–the energies of Mother Pratyangira and Babaji–that were offered at the Sacred Geometry Healing. What a blessing to know Amma and Swami! They truly offer a wonderful transformational experience with this healing.


Bay Area, CA, USA