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Students of the Heart: Dropping Guru and Master labels

Amma Adi Sakthi and Swami Shanmuga are forever Students of the Heart. Heart-based teachings and practices exist within every faith and lead to ever-lasting transformation both within and outside. Amma and Swami are teachers of these practices, which transcend the spiritual traditions they were born from.

amma adi sakthi adiyar

I am a devotee of your devotion

Me and Swami, we are not gurus or masters, we are not saints. We have even dropped that notion and labels. The only label we like to have is "we are devotees of the devotee". I am a devotee of your devotion

Amma and Swami do not want to be trapped in any Maya (illusion) by being associated with labels of Guru or Master. They remain servants forever as Adiyargal to the Divine Mother Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi.

Amma and Swami are not about their individual ascension; their mission is for the ascension of the collective. They consider everyone to be fellow brothers or sisters on the spiritual path. They see themselves as mentors or stewards, to guide people along the spiritual path which they have already walked.

amma adi sakthi, swami shanmuga adiyargal

We are still learning

I don't wish to call myself a Guru, because I am still learning, I am like you all too. It is just that I am a senior student.

During their programs, people spontaneously try to fall at their feet, recognizing the great energy they carry. However, Amma and Swami discourage this and instead embrace them in Oneness. Because they see the Mother in everyone, they cannot allow the Mother to fall at their feet and instead worship the Mother in everyone. They never encourage people to put their photos on their altars.

Amma and Swami believe that putting formalities around masters causes the relationship to lose its essence. That is why they like interacting with people as equals. They believe that a Paramatma, one who has attained godliness, should help others (jeevatmas) become paramatmas, instead of being on a pedestal. Their job is to transform others into paramatmas by giving a little push so that everyone can become equal and embrace each other in Oneness.

They tell people that everyone has extraordinary Divine power, not just the saints and masters. It is an ordinary power that we all have within us, and that makes all of us ordinary people extraordinary. They firmly believe that each person should be empowered to transcend themselves to become One with the Divine, to become Masters in their own right. Swami and Amma's daily life, practices, teachings, and writings reflect these beliefs, experiences, and knowledge.

When I sat with Swami and Amma in New York City, I was not compelled to meet another spiritual teacher. My cup was full and complete. What turned me, was the natural “ordinariness” of your presence–a transparency that shone Love and Beauty. It opened my soul. My cup broke becoming an ocean without borders, carrying Mother’s sweetness and perfume. A thought came: “Sell your cleverness, and buy bewilderment” (Rumi). I did not resist. Today, the wonder of Your Love and and Your waters of Liberation do not stop flowing to me.


New York City, USA