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Amma and Swami’s personal life journey

From a very young age Amma had a deep yearning for the Divine and would reach out for them. And the Divine would indeed manifest and comfort her. Amma would feel being held by Lord Ganesha. Lord Muruga was her constant companion astrally.

Even as a child, Amma would wear saffron clothes, and would have deep out of body experiences of divine ecstasy. Her family could never understand this, and this caused the relationship to deteriorate.

As young adults, Amma Adi Sakthi and Swami Shanmuga were working in the Singapore Air Force when they met each other, fell in love, and decided to be life and soul partners. Until that time Swami had led a normal life with no specific inclination towards spiritual life. And then suddenly his heart opened up to the Divine Mother as he saw Her in his life partner.

Swami has been the pillar of support for Amma, supporting and comforting her, and helping her heal at many levels. Amma is very devoted to Lord Muruga. Even the person she married to, Swami Shanmuga, is one of the names of Lord Muruga.

The birth of their two children brought about many spiritual awakenings and their spiritual life began bursting out from them with even more intensity. They are in gratitude to their children for awakening them.

Amma would stay days together in the divine dimension, manifesting all aspects of a Goddess, and Swami would worship her as a living goddess that she is. Families on both sides could never understand or fathom this, they could not accept the phenomenon they were witnessing. As a result, Amma and Swami were abandoned and outcasted by their families, leaving them literally on the streets to fend for themselves.

In the most difficult and darkest time of their life, the Divine Mother Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi blessed them with a darshan in Her full form

Amma and Swami's children, Nimal and Dhevamitra, though they were small, would support them greatly, wipe their tears off their faces and stand by them. Nimal was very caring towards his little sister. This level of support from the children continued through into the current times where they are young adults now. Nimal and Mitra never hesitated to share their parents with the world, they always encouraged them to go out and do their work, even if it meant that they would not have their parents' presence around them. They would say "You are feeding love to people's souls. Not many can do it. When you feed love to people, we are being fed" and would bless Amma and Swami on their path. As a whole family, they accepted the path of the Divine, renouncing family, and all material interests.

As life and soul partners, Amma and Swami are truly a personification of Shiva-Shakti energies. Their relationship is beyond the normal relationship of a married couple; Swami addresses her as Amma (mother) and Amma addresses him as Appa (father). It is a loving and synergistic relationship, completely relying on each other to do the work of the Mother selflessly. Together, they are the devoted Adiyargal of Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi, and act as Her vehicles, as Her conduits, to bring Her healing energies into the world.