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Beyond their bodies: SamAdi on their minds

Ushering in auspicious Satya Loka energies to human consciousness amid the distorted Kali Yuga energies is the life mission of Amma Adi Sakthi and Swami Shanmuga. This is the vision of Gurumata Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi being expressed through Amma and Swami. It is Gurumata's vision that the heralding of Satya Yuga energies continue long after Swami and Amma would have left their bodies.

Instead of building physical ashrams, Amma and Swami are building ashrams in peoples' hearts by awakening Pratyangira consciousness within them. As this consciousness awakens, it naturally radiates Satya Yuga energies to the world within and without.

Swami is informally called Sam, and Amma is called Adi. Sam + Adi is SamAdi, the supreme union of Shiva-Shakti consciousness. Samadhi in Sanskrit means a state of Ekatvam or Oneness of individual and universal consciousness. Samadhi also means a shrine or memorial commemorating the burial of saints who have left their bodies after attaining Maha Samadhi. Just as the combination of their names, Amma and Swami dwell constantly in a state of Samadhi, and have their Samadhi shrine in mind when they will have left their bodies.

At the Samadhi of Meher Baba in India

The vision is to create a mahasamadhi in India, the final resting place when it is time for Amma and Swami to leave their bodies. It is a place where the Shiva-Shakti energies that they are carrying are planted. This will be the place where people in the present and future generations can come to receive the Divine energies and blessings for their soul upliftment.

amma adi sakthi, swami shanmuga adiyargal

Our Samadhi: A Kalpavriksham

One day there will be a samadhi for us in India. A hundred or even a thousand years from now, we will still be doing our work long after we leave our bodies. Our samadhi will be a place where many will come to receive blessings. It will become like a Kalpavriksham (wish-fulfilling tree) where people can find the way forward to fulfill their life and soul purposes.

Satya Loka energies are the highest and most subtle of energies as were present in the first of the four Yugas, the Satya Yuga (the others being Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga, and the present Kali Yuga). Satya Yuga is the age of truth and perfection where everyone is in Oneness, in Ekatvam, both within themselves and with others.

The idea is to create an abode, a place where people can visit and deeply experience their Divine Higher Self by experiencing the energies of the Adiyargals (servants) of Gurumata Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi. But this is a different type of Devi abode, unlike traditional abodes. The energies of the Devi are internalized and fully merged in Amma and Swami who are exceptionally accomplished sadhakas of Her. And it is these personified Divine energies which are buried under the ground when they take their samadi. These collective buried energies will continuously emanate from their samadis long after they leave their physical bodies. 

The place will have living quarters for Amma and Swami while in their bodies. This will be the place where they will do their Tapasya. There will be a GhoShala for the cows, along with an AnnaDana Kshetra, a community dining hall where food will be cooked and served to visitors with the blessings from Amma and Swami, free of cost so that they are nourished both at the soul and physical level.

An integral part of creating such a highly charged spiritual place is the humanitarian activities to the needy, especially the children and elderly. To the extent possible, to attend to the physical and psychological needs of children. This could be through sponsoring full education to poor children, gifting essential and creative needs to school children. 

It is by holistically teaching them life skills so they can grow up to be balanced and successful in life. To be able to organize soulful food camps to feed needy people in nearby villages and communities. To help develop support structures for the elderly. To help people realize their soul power so they can fulfill their soul purpose. Satya Loka is about bringing joy and happiness to everyone.

While most people plan for their life, here the planning is for when life in this physical body ends. It is a different way of thinking. It shows their detachment towards temporal life and realization of the ultimate truth. What higher Sadhana can there be than that of internalizing the Gods' and Goddesses' energies, becoming that and being in that knowingness, of Atma gnana, and setting the soul free rather than being encumbered in the modalities of Sadhana in the traditional sense of the word. 

When it's time for Amma and Swami to take their Maha Samadhi it will become a power spot, emanating energies for ages to come to help raise human consciousness and to preserve Dharma. 

In the Himalayas, there is a phenomenon called MukhMora. A MukhMora is a representation of a face and is a physical energy resource, an artifact, and a carrier of the energies of the Gods and Goddesses. Its physical manifestation is as a metallic alloy object or as a mineral body. From times immemorial, many such MukhMoras have gone underground. Probably they were part of temples, or perhaps simple worship objects by people in the past. Many such MukhMoras of Gods and Goddesses have been unearthed in recent times in the Himalayas, and these are usually housed in temples.

To usher in the Satyaloka energies, the accomplished sadhakas that they are, Amma and Swami are dedicating themselves to becoming the MukhMoras in an energy form by having their burials as a Samadhi. This is the vision of the Mother Pratyangira through her Adiyargal Amma Adi Sakthi and Swami Shanmuga. They are walking in the footsteps of the Maharishis and Saints and serving the Great Gurumata Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi by serving humanity with humbleness and gratitude selflessly and walking the highest truth setting great examples for many.

Aum Saravana Bhavaya Namaha!
Jai Pratyangira!
Jai Bhuvaneshwari!
Jai Varahi Jai!

Thank you Amma Adi Sakthi for taking the road less traveled, and showing us how to be human BEings, in service to the highest form of Mata, within without 🌺🦁🌺

Swami Shanmuga, we honor the nurturing you do for Adi Amma and in service to OLM, as well as being her guardian, at all times


Los Angeles, USA