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Kushmanda – 4th day of Navaratri

October 20, 2020

Day 4 of Navaratri is here, and today we honour Maa Kushmanda. Her name means “the cosmic egg”. It is said that Lord Vishnu was able to begin creating the universe when Maa Kushmanda smiled a little, like a blooming flower. She is often seen riding a tiger as her vehicle and with ten hands with various weapons, such as a sword, gada, bow, arrow, trishul(trident), discus, lotus, rosary. She created the world from nothing, when all that was around was the void. Since she is the source of all, she is also known as Adisakthi. Adisakthi translates into “the primordial light/ power”.

She resides in the 4th Chakra: Anahata Chakra. This chakra is placed in the chest, and she is in charge of bestowing upon her devotees prosperous health and wealth. She helps you get over and get rid of hurdles and sorrows in life. Realise how when something is worrying or bothering us, we tend to go “I need to get this off my chest”? Although when seen from a literal science view, feelings are a brain-only thing, we tend to feel from the heart, from our inner self.

We need to feel more from the heart space, especially now, in times like this. We need to practise empathy in our ascent to Satyaloka Energies.

Here, I’ve drawn referencing my amma. I have decided to pose her to be seated next to her vehicle, and the whole universe on her lap in a thiruvodu (coconut based begging bowl). The tiger is crouched and is created from the atoms on her lap, and she is in the void. Her hands are there and golden. My Amma’s name is Adi Sakthi, so I’ve really tried my best to make it look like her— and I think I did it. She truly embodies the goddess and all these different forms of them. And we all do have in all of us— it’s just if we’ve unlocked it or not. I truly feel that she has, and we are working towards fully unlocking it as well.

(Artwork by yours truly: Dhevamitra)

Jai Pratyangira Jai Jai Pratyangira
Jai Maa Kushmanda
Jai Adiparasakthi Namo Namaha
Jai Bhuvaneswari Jai Namo Varahi 🪔❤️
Thiruchitrambalam 🙏🏾🥰🤗🗻🪔.