Miraculous experiences in the temples around Thanjavur

The Divine energies kept giving and giving as we received blessings from the Muthu Mariamman, Patteeswaram and Hanuman temples. There was synchronicity at play as Amma Adi Sakthi and Swami Shanmuga were blessed and received guidance from the Divine in many of its forms and accomplished masters and people. We weren't planning these fortuitous events but the universe spontaneously presented them as we were going with the flow.

We started from Thanjavur to Patteeswaram intending that to be the first temple visit. But the Divine Mother had different plans.

On the way Amma noticed the bill board of Muthu Mariamman temple. Amma and Swamiji had visited this temple more than a decade ago during their yatras. The message was clear, to visit and take the blessings of Mariamman also known as Mother Mari. This form of the Goddess is prayed to bring rains and cure from diseases like smallpox. There are many temples of this Mother in India and other countries. It was fortunate to revisit the Mariamman temple and take Her blessings as She showed visions of the path ahead to the Yogi and Yogini couple.

We proceeded to the Thenupuriswarar temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Sri Durga in the remote village of Patteeswaram. Legend has it that Patti, the daughter of the sacred cow Kamadhenu served Devi Parasakthi when She performed Her tapas here. Lord Shiva gave darshan to the Devi and blessed Patti, hence the name Patteeswaram. It is said that Lord Rama prayed to Sri Durga Devi here before the epic battle of Ramayana. Sage Vishwamitra got enlightened here with the Gayatri Mantra. Patteeswaram was visited by many rishis and saints and has many legends. Replete with sacred ancient energies, this temple is known for the Goddess granting the boons of Her children.

Amma and Swamiji were guided by the Devi to receive Her blessings by having the priests perform a special puja. The priests sensed something special about Amma and Swamiji and wanted to know more about them. They felt happy to perform prayers for the Yogi and Yogini couple. Sitting close to the sanctum and offering prayers was a deep healing experience.

As we were circumambulating the Devi's temple, we saw the temple management selling the Devi's sarees. Many devotees bring sarees as a sacred offering to the Mother. The priests clothe the Mother with the sarees. The Devi donning the sarees infuses divine energies into them. These sarees are later offered to devotees who eagerly buy them.

Amma purchased a saree for herself and a few for those close to her as a thanksgiving. Always carrying everyone and especially those helping them on their path in their prayers they always make sure that blessings are showered on them manifold.

As per the guidance received from Ma Vaarahi through the old woman in the Brihadeeshwara temple in Thanjavur, we went to Alangudi some distance away to visit the Hanuman temple. Located in a remote area, the temple was newly consecrated.

We felt the high vibrations as we entered the temple. The Hanuman statue is huge, standing at 33 feet. It is sculpted from a monolithic black granite rock, the scale of which is rarely seen. Very lifelike, Lord Hanuman is standing majestically and yet in humility. The high roofs of the temple and the chanting of mantras by the priests and the synergy simply present there all add to creating a peaceful and healing experience to people. There is a Lord Narasimha temple and Lord Rama and Sita temple on either side of the main temple. As it was a newly consecrated temple, they did not allow us to take pictures inside, we could only take pictures from the outside.

The eternal bhakta of Lord Rama and Sita, Lord Hanuman devotedly served and protected them, deriving his strength from them. His energies are very protective, guarding against negative energies. Amma and Swamiji are carrying high divine rishi energies which by natural law also attract negative energies. They need to be guarded at all times against these, and understood that they were guided to this Hanuman temple to be blessed with His protective energies.

Nittu, who is in this yatra and supports Amma and Swamiji at all levels especially during their Tapasya in the Himalayas, is an ardent devotee of Lord Hanuman and personifies His energies. He has been chosen by the Divine to support the Yogi and Yogini in their spiritual and life journey. It is his birthday, and he was happy from the heart for being in the presence of Lord Hanuman.

As Swamiji was circumambulating the temple on the outer perimeter, a man approached him and started walking along with him. He voluntarily engaged into a conversation and related how the temple came into being. It turned out that he was the donor of the large parcel of land that the temple is constructed on. He related how Lord Hanuman appeared in his dreams and visions and guided him. Despite being the main person behind the existence of the temple, he was humble and dressed simple, without any pride or attachment. We were happy that the person choose to engage with Amma and Swamiji spontaneously despite many other devotees being present in the temple. Surely, this was synchronicity being arranged by the Divine.

As we were about to leave the temple, he approached us and mentioned that the Swamigal or saint who is spiritually guiding the temple activities was in the adjacent structure and offered that we could have a darshan and blessings of the master. Elated, we went there and waited for the darshan of Shri Shri Krishnananda Theertha Mahaswamigal.

Associated with Shri Jagadguru Badari Shankaracharya Samsthanam, the Swamigal was a reflection of Lord Shiva's energies. He conversed at length with Amma and Swamiji, something he rarely does with people. He asked about their spiritual journey, their children and about their Tapasya in the Himalayas and their vision. He was interested in knowing how we came to the temple that very few people know about and we related the story of the old woman who guided us here.

The Swamigal blessed Amma and Swamiji that they would be successful in their life and soul journey and that many people would be uplifted at a soul level in the present times and for generations to come. They were elated and fulfilled to hear these words and blessings from the great master. He was verbally articulating the messages and guidance they were receiving from the Divine Mother within.

When we came to the Hanuman temple, we had no idea about the Swamigal. It was the divine play again to spontaneously guide Amma and Swamiji to the right places and people to prepare for the journey and mission ahead of them.

The temple offers food (anna dana) to all devotees who come. We ate there and headed back to Thanjavur with gratitude in our hearts for all the blessings.

Jai Hanuman! 🙏
Jai Sri Durga! 🙏
Shambho Shankara! 🙏