Experiences from the majestic temple in Thanjavur

After the drive from Madurai, we finally arrived into Thanjavur after divine experiences at Pillaiyarpatti Ganesha temple and Kundrakudi Murugan temple. We had many beautiful experiences at the Brihadeeshwara temple in Thanjavur. On Monday we went to Parangipettai which is the birthplace of Sri Mahavatar Babaji, and we were blessed to receive his blessings.

The Brihadeeswara Temple in Thanjavur surpasses most temples in terms of its scale and architecture. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is a huge fortified compound with many structures. There is a small temple dedicated to the Divine Mother Vaarahi inside the compound. There is a massive Nandi (bull) made out of a single monolithic stone facing the main temple. The temple was built by the mighty Chola kings over 1,000 years back.

After a period of 23 years, a Kumbhabhisekham was performed in the temple in February. A major facelift and cleansing was done as part of it. Kumbhabhisekham is performed to cleanse the Kumbha sitting on the top of the temple. The Kumbha is like a magnet and conductor to channel cosmic energies into the sanctum sanctorum.

Sunday was the final day of the consecration ceremonies that started on February 5. We felt blessed to be visiting the temple on this auspicious last day of the ceremonies to receive the blessings. There were cultural programs going on to mark the celebrations. Because of the large number of people and long queues, we could not enter the sanctum of the temple on both Saturday and Sunday; it was to happen later. However, we had a beautiful darshan of the Mother Vaarahi.

As has been happening throughout the yatra where Amma Adi Sakthi and Swami Shanmuga received clear and direct guidance from the Divine in many forms, we experienced something magical while we were in the queue for the darshan of Ma Vaarahi. An old woman around 75 years old approached Amma and Swamiji. They graciously allowed her to stand in the queue in front of them in view of her age. She voluntarily and actively engaged in a conversation with Amma and Swamiji and was inquiring about them and their spiritual journey. She related that she was visiting different temples in Tamil Nadu, and that she was traveling alone. Her husband had passed away recently. Despite her age and being alone, the divine energies and spirit were shining through her soul. She connected deeply with Amma and Swamiji and blessed them. She mentioned a Hanuman temple some distance from Thanjavur and insisted upon them to visit there to receive blessings from Lord Hanuman. She said that it was newly consecrated, and that the energies are powerful and protective.

Amma and Swamiji knew that it was the Mother Vaarahi that came to them in the old woman’s form, blessing them and guiding them further in their Tapasya Yatra. As they took the darshan of Ma Vaarahi the indication from the Mother was clear, that it was She who was guiding them through the woman.

With gratitude in our hearts, we walked to the Karuvurar Siddhar temple behind the main temple. He was a renowned Siddhar saint and a disciple of the great Siddhar Bogar. He was the guru of king Raja Raja Chola. When we were in Tiruchuli, Halasyam, the caretaker of the Sri Ramana Maharshi birthplace ashram, had guided us to visit Karuvurar Siddhar shrine. He explained that Karuvurar Siddhar had helped stabilize the temple energetically and structurally when it was being constructed.

We took blessings from Karuvurar Siddhar and spent some time meditating there. There, we saw the old woman once again. She had actually come searching for Amma and Swamiji and re-emphasized with them that they definitely need to visit the Hanuman temple. She wanted to make sure they take her advice seriously and would visit the temple. She then blessed Amma and Swamiji and went her way.

It became clear to Amma and Swamiji that the Divine Mother Vaarahi Herself was prompting them to visit the Hanuman temple, so naturally they would follow the guidance. But we were not clear about the location of the temple. Later at the hotel we inquired about the temple from the broad description given by the old woman and were fortunately able to know the location of the temple in Alangudi, about 40 Km from Thanjavur, a journey we would be making soon.

On Monday we went to Parangipettai, about 3 hours from Thanjavur. This place, also called Portonovo is the birthplace of Sri Mahavatar Babaji, before he went to the Himalayas. It is also the birthplace of Swamiji’s father. Parangipettai is a small laid back coastal village. As we went in search of Babaji’s birthplace someone directed us to the Karthikeya (Lord Muruga) temple. It turned out that this was the very temple where Babaji used to go to as a small child. After the darshan in the temple, we went to the nearby Babaji temple. This was the exact spot where Babaji was born in 203 AD. It is a small and serene temple with high vibrations.

We had a peaceful meditation in the temple. Swamiji reminded us about the time spent in Babaji’s cave in the Himalayas more than a decade back. This visit to his birthplace was indeed completing the circle.

Jai Sri Mahavatar Babaji 🙏
Jai Karthikeya 🙏
Jai Ma Vaarahi 🙏