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The Yogini and Yogi from the eyes of their children

April 13, 2018

The two children of Amma Adi Sakthi and Swami Shanmuga sometimes face questions about their parents and their line of work. The following is a heartfelt writeup by Nimal and Dhevamitra about their parents in April 2018. Being children of the Yogi and Yogini couple, they are spiritually evolved for their age.

"Don’t think that just because we are born in Singapore, we are not spiritually inclined to do things. All the more, we are more deeply involved within and without with our souls, being born into an urban lifestyle. We also have deep moral values imbibed in us. Being in mountains, cottages and visiting holy monuments/ landmarks doesn’t instantly make someone holy. Many ask us how come our parents are yogis but not from any holy grounds ...

I throw this question back at all of you: does it matter that one should be born in a holy land to become a holy, enlightened person ? In the face of reality it’s inside work people—wake up within and without, before you can come to ignorantly question others or even compare them with others . Stop being caught up in what others are doing, and focus on being the best you, you can be. Blowing your own horn about all the great things you have done, such as helping the illiterate / feeding the poor or building an ashram/ having a following, to brag and to belittle the ones who are truly doing the work in a humble manner quietly all these years, really takes out the nobility and true purpose of your spiritual pursuits.

Being householders and not running/shying away from responsibilities, staying together in beautiful strong love for each other being married loyal to each other for many years , living their lives among everyone as normal people doing normal things again, on TOP of all these, they sacrifice to do huge tapas with humility and humbleness in them without hesitating to use their valuable time and energy, helping so many in the path, serving selflessly. They do all these to not add on to the already built Temples or ashrams that many are doing but instead, they are still serving the Temples within everyone and themselves; only seeking to drop their bodies and take Maha samadhi wherever their beloved Gurumatha points her hand to.

Furthermore, for them to be able to do that, we as their children are releasing them (although difficult) wholeheartedly, and they completely surrendered to the divine where they have begun wandering truly like the ancient Sadhus did—to live only with those who selflessly seek them, to graciously give them shelter for few months and they continue to do tapas. For only 3 or 4 months they visit us, and they have given us the boon to be able to do our duties to them as their children for that 3 or 4 months. We only get that time with our yogic parents and they are not seeking crowds of people to come to them or to worship them. All they are seeking is to be wanderers of the earthplane as a yogic couple, to be able to do more tapas and drop their bodies when it’s time.

Understand this first and foremost—it’s easy for many to compare them to other Sannyasis/ thuravi’s or masters/saints and so called gurus that are out there, but let me ask again: can they do what our parents have done in this given modern world coming from a very safe place like Singapore with high cost of living in a very challenging situation having a family balancing to bring us up and feed us too and doing their dharma , being a married couple having so much discipline and courage to do what they are doing? So just a humble request to all of you that don’t really know them: don’t assume. 

Please do us all and yourself a favour: learn to find yourselves first and foremost, seek within yourself to find answers not from us or those who are doing tapas like that. We as their children, are greatly respecting who they are to us in this lifetime and we are putting them out through the pages as a way of inspiring other likeminded people who will see this and be inspired. 

At least they are living true legends and embodiments, of truth and unconditional love for all who seek their divine presence and blessings. They do their work selflessly, with utmost impeccable bhakthi and reverence. Hope all our friends respect our wishes, and understand that there is no fixed place for them for you all to visit them, but truly understand that if you heartfully call out to them, or write in for any queries you all will be notified as soon as they step out to wherever people want to host them and shelter them, and they will just do their tapas and do seva there by planting their tapas shakthi wherever they are invited in the world. That is what they have been guided to do by their great Gurumata Pratyangira Devi, as they hold a huge energy reserve.

Many in their presence have experienced it, they simply just serve to sustain themselves, and give back so much more to others who are in need actually. So understand that they are not gurus or avatars, and are purely servants (ADIYARGAL) to the Mother; yogis who are dedicated to serving the Mother in all and One."

With gratitude and grace
Nimal Dinesh Shanmuga Suntharam and Dhevamitra Shanmuga Suntharam
Children of the Adiyargals