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Blessings from Lord Muruga in Palani

February 26, 2020

It was a beautiful, powerful and healing experience with Lord Muruga in Palani. It felt like a true miracle of the heart and shifting of consciousness. We had the rare darshan of Muruga's vigraha in his loin cloth and staff. We also had the darshan of Bogar Siddhar Jeeva Samathi. We were literally engulfed in waves of grace and bliss.

Muruga is the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati and brother of Ganesha. He is said to have spent his time in Palani for his ascension. Bogar Siddhar had created and consecrated the vigraha of Muruga and took his Jeeva Samathi here in Palani 3,000 years back.

For many years now Amma and Swamiji were longing to have the Darshan of Muruga, or Saravana in this meditative place of His. From her childhood, Saravana was a constant presence in Amma's consciousness and life, comforting her in times of distress, guiding her through life's trials and tribulations. When Amma got married to Swamiji, she saw in him a manifestation of Muruga. Even Swami's name Shanmuga Suntharam is one of Muruga's names.

Lord Muruga sits atop the Palani mountain. Devotees typically carry kavadi, a milk offering that they carry on their head as they climb up the steps. The kavadi signifies offering one's difficulties to Muruga to relieve themselves of the weight they carry on their soul and consciousness. It signifies fulfilling one's long held vows. The weapon carried by Lord Muruga is the vel or spear. Some devotees pierce the vel in their forehead between the eyebrows as they carry the kavadi, signalling that they are ready to receive the consciousness of Muruga in their Ajna chakra. Yet others pierce their cheeks and tongue, signalling that they want Muruga to speak and act through them.

We started off to carry the kavadi. At the base of the mountain, Swamiji had his forehead, cheeks and tongue pierced with the vels. As we started climbing the stairs with kavadis on our heads, a sadhu blessed us. Amma and Swamiji felt as though Muruga was talking to them through him.

As we approached the sanctum, we saw the vigraha of Muruga, His grace and energies flowing into us. As we offered the kavadi, it felt as though He was indeed taking away any and all heaviness we were carrying in our being and it felt so much lighter. As we exited from the sanctum, many people spontaneously came over to Swamiji to seek his blessings.

Later we were able to see the Abhishek of Lord Muruga. We saw Him in his loin cloth and stick, so humble He is despite being most powerful. It was such a healing experience for us. Amma and Swamiji was especially elated to be in the presence of Muruga in His abode. It has been a deep healing for us; it felt like Muruga was tugging the strings of our hearts. They say that Muruga melts even the most toughened hearts and heals them from inside out.

After the cleansing and healing experience yesterday, we went up to see Muruga again early next morning. This time we had His darshan in His ekavastram, or single cloth covering Him including the head, signifying the highest ascension where one drops their physical body to merge with Divine light. The energies felt peaceful and settled and joyous.

With much gratitude to Lord Muruga and setting the intention to come back next year, we started off to Madurai to take the blessings of Meenakshi Amman. 🙏