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Becoming a collective personality

October 13, 2020

When we have reached our fullest capacity in our soul enrichment, with the divinity awakening to our true raw self as divine beings by working on our inner self, we become a collective personality. Anything that we do from our raw truth, propels the collective to do the same exponentially. For instance, through years and years of tapas both being in a family setting, balancing everything and managing both material life and the spiritual path, with great understanding as a family in it— already itself is such a blessing to the world within-without.

Work is done effortlessly by the great ones, without having to even flinch their finger to awaken the collective, by the divine shivasakthi energy beings who have done so much work on themselves. While lifting others in the path as well, my folks have always worked on themselves by the guidance of the great Gurumatha herself and they have been doing their work within-without, silently, towards satyayugam.

Ascending their energies completely as Sivasakthi energies, walking their path as per the guidance of the ascended masters and their gurus' guidance as well. They have always done their pujas, prayers and high-energy spiritual programs for years towards the collective alone met many in the path and have greatly connected with many who met them in person in life. That's the reason we're utilising this platform to share to the collective, as we have moved on as a family to work on the collective; to do our Dharma through our direct connections and serve our soul's purpose to amplify the energies further. This is to usher the great new becoming of the satyayuga energies and collective consciousness towards it as well. They have impacted many individuals lives positively, and they have gone on to work more and more on themselves as adiyarggal.

Most great ones usually stick, going within to work on the collective. It is known that when Great Jnanis work on themselves, it is working on the collective. More and more they will dive deeper, not truly wanting a whole lot of crowd around them. That has been my parents wish, and I, my brother and the close circle of soul family around them are making sure to heed their guidance and advice until— the great Gurumatha guides us through them, as always. For now, they have just come home to continue the work, further and deeply, for the collective— while taking care of our immediate family needs. I am simply in awe, seeing them manifest the energies that are unfolding through them, right in front of my eyes. Which is making me and my brother strive diligently to give our parents the best life they deserve before they fully embark completely in their journey again in 2037. Appa told us that they will go back to India and won't come home permanently, and there is still a long way for them to go, before our beloved Pazhani Aandavar and Gurumatha instructs them to carry their Sivasakthi begging bowls (thiruvodu), permanently as sivasakthi adiyarggal— after completing their Dharma with their kids, they are well in their path again.

They have always told me whatever we do as a family, it will affect the collective as well as, we are all ascending together in this journey of our life. I am sharing whatever I can from my end as part of the collective where we are. Also, part of it is we are lending greatly to the collective in our own humble ways silently, even though I and my family deliberately chose to be working with the collective as a family unit— guided by the great masters and Gurumatha herself. Under her tutelage directly, without being influenced by any illusive outside factors, simply being in this path doing our duties as fellow light beings and assisting in the bringing forth of Satya and Dharma as satyaloka vasis within-without as a family. Even today, by simply being ourselves and just sharing our thoughts and feelings with the collective, in the hopes to inspire many out there as an example to ourselves and to others as well in the journey 😉.

Anbe Sivam Anbe Ulaga Maha Sakthi
Jai Pratyangira 🥰 Jai Bhuvaneswari 🥰
Jai Sri Gurumatha Namo Namaha 🙏🏾🥰🤗.
Aum Arunachaleswaraya Thiruvannamalai Unnamulai Thayarae Potri Potri🪔🤗🗻🙏🏾
Aum Saravana Bhavaya Namaha 🥰🙏🏾🗻🪔

May the blessings be for all in the collective consciousness.

Jai Pratyangira Jai Jai Pratyangira

~Dhevamitra 🤗 (Amma and Swamiji's daughter)