Pratyangira Sadhana Practices

Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi is the Mother of Moksha (liberation). Pratyangira Sadhana is a set of spiritual practices based on specific Pratyangira Devi mantras and meditation techniques that helps one realize Her, and advance towards Moksha. It is a practice to align one’s energies and consciousness with those of the Devi. The Sadhana destroys one’s internal enemies and clears the way for one’s spiritual ascension, enveloping the Sadhaka (practitioner) in the Mother’s Bliss.

Pratyangira Sadhana is a progressive set of practices, increasing in intensity at each stage. One starts off with basic practices for self-purification, attains mastery over them by practicing for a prescribed duration of time before progressing to the next stage.

Pratyangira Sadhana consists primarily of mantra chanting coupled with specific mudras (hand gestures) and Ksham Meditation. One needs to undertake these practices with purity in intentions and with devotion in their heart, affirming that they will walk the path of Dharma. The Sadhana helps raise the vibrations and consciousness of a person. As one progresses through the different levels of Sadhana, the ultimate realization will come from within that they and the Divine Mother are one, and that She is expressing Herself through them.

Learning Pratyangira Sadhana

Pratyangira Sadhana as prescribed in ancient texts is complicated and is not suitable for practice by everyone. Swami Shanmuga and Amma Adi Sakthi have been guided by the Divine Mother Herself to make this Sadhana Vidya accessible to those who are genuinely seeking the Mother. Through their direct experience, through Atma Vidya, they have distilled and simplified the Sadhana for contemporary times, yet preserving the core essence and spiritual benefits.

One should not learn Pratyangira Sadhana from books — books are there only to give a frame of reference. Instead, one should learn this Sadhana in person from a qualified Yogi who has deeply experienced Pratyangira energies. The teacher should be capable of adjusting the Sadhana according to the requirements and soul needs of the Sadhaka (practitioner).

Swami and Amma are such persons. They have awakened Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi within and want to bring Her consciousness and energy to all. As Yogis, they can assess the soul power of the Sadhaka and fine-tune the Sadhana to help practitioners manifest their innate soul power to the fullest potential. They want to see people take up Pratyangira Sadhana to elevate themselves to the highest levels of consciousness.

However, Pratyangira Sadhana is not an online course that can be given to anyone. There is a lot of responsibility in giving that Sadhana for people to practice. Amma and Swami give this Sadhana only to people they come to know over a period of time. By personally knowing them, they can assess the receptivity of the person to the Sadhana and fine-tune it as required.

Joining Circle of Grace is the only way that one can experience Amma and Swami, and vice versa. Members are connected with Amma and Swami through a WhatsApp group and through bi-monthly video calls, through regular pujas and Homams.

As Amma and Swami get to know the person more and feel that they are ready to receive Pratyangira Sadhana, they will initiate them incrementally into it. Being a member of Circle of Grace is a beautiful way to fill one's life with blessings by being connected with living Yogis. If you are interested in learning Pratyangira Sadhana, please join Circle of Grace.

Ksham Meditation

Also known as Bliss Meditation, it is a major component of Pratyangira Sadhana. It helps one attain a state of stillness in their mind and to be in their bliss body. Anyone can practice Ksham Meditation by following the instructions.

Purification of the 5 Elements with Pratyangira Devi Mantra

Before undertaking any long journey, one must prepare themselves adequately. Our bodies are composed of the five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. We need to purify these five elements to remove samskaras, which are adverse imprints left on our soul from present and past lives. This purification will bring us to a raw, pristine state and allows us to gain a certain level of freedom and mastery over ourselves. This process is called Bhuta Shuddi which means purification of the five elements. Setting your intention to purify each element, one chants a particular Pratyangira mantra a specified number of times, while holding various mudras (hand gestures). This fundamental process is a heartfelt invitation for the Divine Mother to awaken from within and to help purify the five elements. This sadhana is done for 48 to 108 days, after which it can be continued, supplementing it with other practices.

Pratyangira Mantra to awaken Iccha, Gnana, Kriya Shakti

For achieving anything worthwhile in life, three vital energies are essential. They are Iccha Shakti, Gnana Shakti and Kriya Shakti (Desire, Knowledge, and Action).

Only when there is a harmonious confluence of Desire, Knowledge, and Action can anything of significance be achieved. If any of the three elements are missing, or are not in the right proportion, the whole effort is as good as a failed one.

To accomplish anything, one needs to have a strong, heartfelt desire (Iccha Shakti). A mere wish or wishful thinking or hope does not cut it. It needs to be a passionate desire. One needs to have the knowledge on how to accomplish what they want (Gnana Shakti). Or at least have the means to procure the required knowledge by getting proper guidance. And finally, one needs to take Action to accomplish something (Kriya Shakti). Desire and Knowledge fuel this Action.

Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi is an infinite source of Shakti or energy. A Pratyangira Devi mantra specifically beseeches Her to awaken these powers, these Shaktis within the practitioner and propel them forward to realize their life and soul purposes. Or more accurately, the mantra asks the Devi to awaken within, so that these Shaktis manifest themselves.

As part of Pratyangira Sadhana, one needs to practice detachment. And despite having a strong desire to accomplish something, acquiring the knowledge and taking action to achieve it, one still needs to practice detachment from the outcome.

Destroying Internal Enemies

An important component of Pratyangira Sadhana is to destroy one’s internal enemies such as lust, anger, pride, envy. These are impediments to progress in any walk of life, and especially one’s spiritual life. Sometimes, in a normal day-to-day life, these negative traits may not manifest. It does not necessarily mean that they are not there — they may just be masked and are present in a seed form, having yet to manifest. These internal enemies need to be destroyed and incinerated completely. Only when there is no trace of these internal enemies, can one reach Poornathvam (completeness) of their lives and walk into the hands of the Mother. An important Pratyangira Devi mantra asks Her to destroy one’s enemies.

Locking and Unlocking Energies

Negative energies bombard us each day of our lives. These may emanate from within us or come from external sources. Because of the duality principle of the Universe, as one builds up positive vibrations because of the Sadhana, it will attract negative vibrations. Therefore, it becomes necessary that one shield themselves from negative energies and lock in the positive energies. Nyasas like Kara Nyasa, Anga Nyasa, and Hrudhayathi Nyasa help lock in positive energies and keep out negative energies. Nyasa involves touching different body parts with a particular mantra and intention to invoke natural forces. Internalizing and performing these Nyasas in a Yogic manner improves their effectiveness compared to doing them in ritualistically. Invoking particular Nyasas combined with Pratyangira mantra forms a protective shield around the Sadhaka.

Sadhana with Pratyangira Yantra

A Yantra is Sacred Geometry. Pratyangira Devi Yantra is a powerful portal to the energies of the Mother. Practices involving the Pratyangira Yantra take the Sadhaka swiftly into the higher dimensions of Pratyangira consciousness.

Ekakshari Mantra Japa

Ekakshari Mantra Japa is the final step of Pratyangira Sadhana. It is a subtle, simple yet powerful Sadhana and is the last step after a series of Sadhanas of varying complexity. Practicing the Pratyangira Ekakshari Mantra allows one to transcend ordinary levels of consciousness, to merge with the Divine Mother Pratyangira within. This Sadhana can be practiced at any time, anywhere, even while doing normal daily chores or work. The mind becomes very focused and identifies itself completely with the Mother Pratyangira within.

Pratyangira Devi is known to devour karmas of Her devotees, freeing them from shackles at different levels and helping them attain their ultimate soul purpose of Moksha. Pratyangira Sadhana is the means to for this. May all those who do the Sadhana be blessed with success. Om Shanti.

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