Past Life Recollections of a living Himalayan Yogini

Amma Adi Sakthi had a powerful recollection of her own Self many ages ago in the presence of the ancient Pratyangira energies. The Goddess Pratyangira spoke through Amma clearly bringing forth ancient memories to the fore. The Mother revealed many truths of the past, about the history and past events and how they all correlate with the events in the present. It was akin to an archeologist who unravels ancient mysteries layer by layer as they dig deeper.

Amma's experience was that of being suddenly transported into a different time-space-energy capsule. It was an overwhelming experience for Amma as different memories streamed past her, as she re-lived the bygone ages, experiencing the past events in the present moment. 

From a previous post you may recall that people in Katrain village in the Himalayas uncovered the Mukhmora of Pratyangira Devi from below the earth back in 1992. The Mukhmora is wrapped in a shawl and is sacredly housed in a 'Mandhar' (treasure house of the temple) along with other sacred relics. The Mandhar is pulsating with the pristine energies of the Mother Pratyangira.

As Amma and Swami came into the physical vicinity of the Mukhmora for the very first time, they had no idea of the space they were entering. They were not even aware that they were being taken to where the Mukhmora was. As they came in close proximity to the Mukhmora, instantaneously, Amma felt the energies strongly and unexpectedly entered into a 'Bhava' state, a state of high consciousness of the Mother Pratyangira.

In the Mandhar, Amma experienced that she was in the same cave, the 'guha' in which she was meditating thousands of years ago. The same energies with the same intensity was present here. Right from a tender age of five years, Amma was always being shown in her mind's eye about this cave, and she was longing to see it, to do Tapasya in it. And on this day, she finally entered the cave. While to others, it may appear as a room, the energies present here are unmistakable. Only a Yogini can recognize her cave, her abode; no one else can recognize it.

In the high state of consciousness of the Bhava, Amma started narrating the events of the ages gone by. 

For a very long time, for many ages, the Pratyangira energies were hidden, suppressed and misused. Being a loving and giving Mother, She gave Her Shakti, Her power to those who prayed to Her. As a Mother, She could only give to all Her children irrespective of who they are, only love would flow through Her.

Unfortunately, the people who received the power from the Mother misused it. They tried to control the Mother's Shakti and use it for purposes other than for the well-being of the world. They tried to hide and control the power and misused it. They wanted to trap the energy and use it for their selfish interests.

Despite this, the Mother did not punish anyone, since She is the Mother of everyone. The Mother kept on giving hoping that people would find their way back, but they kept on misusing the power. Seeing all this, many pinned the blame on the Mother Pratyangira, bringing a bad name to Her.

That pained the Mother Pratyangira immensely. She had enough and undertook a deep and long Tapasya in a cave to restore back the balance. Despite this, the misuse of Her energies continued. In pain, the Mother gave it all up and Her energies remained hidden for a very long time, until now.

The place where the Mukhmora was found was where people did many Homams to the Mother in ancient times. Before the Mukhmora disappeared and went below the ground, a person, a Yogi was doing intense Homams to the Mother. He was putting intentions that the energy of the Mother remain here for many generations to come and that She should manifest here in a human form.

In that Homam, the Mother Pratyangira appeared and gave darshan to him as a Yogini. In Her Darshan, the Mother told the person that She in a lot of pain because people are misusing Her shakti. Because of his sincere devotion, the Mother promised him that She will be born as a Yogini in the Kali Yuga (the present age). But that She would not be born in this geographical area physically. That only the people of his future soul generations can call the Mother back again through unflinching bhakti and faith and only they will enable the Yogini to get back her memories.

Addressing Ajay Sharmaji who is the temple priest, the Mother Pratyangira through Amma Adi Sakthi, said that it is he and his family that have been instrumental in bringing Her back again. That She had made a vow to his soul ancestors who performed pujas to Her that She would come back as a Yogini in this present age to help bring Her energies to the world in ever more powerful ways. That he is the chosen person to bring it all together. That the Mother was fulfilling Her word, and that She has come in the Matru Roop, the Divine Motherly form.

As Amma Adi Sakthi was relating this whole story, Ajay Sharmaji related to his own experiences with the Mother Pratyangira and how his visions of the Mother are proving true through Amma and Swami. He covered an emotional Amma with a shawl in the Mandhar that he had been saving for a long time for that special person as a way of recognizing the return of the Yogini and honoring her. The people of Katrain recognize Amma and Swami for who they truly are and honor their presence amongst them. All of this can only happen because of past life connections.

Amma and Swami are now transitioning themselves into a living Himalayan Yogini and Yogi, following their Dharma. They are preparing themselves to undertake long periods of Tapasya, in silence, in this very cave in the Himalayas, in the presence of the very energies that they had experienced many ages back. They are embarking on this 'Mangala Tapasya' for raising consciousness in the world and to bring the healing energies of the Mother Pratyangira to everyone. It is their mission to bring the Divine energies of Satya Loka, the first age, into the current age, the Kali Yuga.

You can now experience the same energies that Amma and Swami experience by becoming a member of Project Grace. Every two weeks, they will break their silence to be on a video conference call with members of Project Grace. You can receive those energies by being in their presence in the call wherever you are.

Jai Ma Narsingi!
Jai Ma Pratyangira!

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