How the Pratyangira energies emerged in the Himalayas

We arrived into Katrain in the Himalayas on Aug 2nd from Hyderabad. It was a long 24-hour journey; a two-hour flight followed by a 14-hour overnight bus from Delhi. The drive was through the mountains; the roads are steep and narrow and the turns are sharp and abrupt.

In Katrain, we were warmly received by Ajay Sharmaji and his family. He is the priest of the Pratyangira Devi temple and has been the instrumental in constructing the temple for Her. Fondly called Mamaji by everyone in the village, he is a dedicated instrument of the Mother Pratyangira. Even though this was the first time we met him in person, we all felt we already know him at a soul level.

About 7 months back, Mamaji’s children stumbled on our Gurumatha Pratyangira page on Facebook during a search query. Something prompted them to send a message which was seen by Amma and Swami’s children. They wrote to each other back-and-forth sensing something important. In due course of time Mamaji and Nittuji, an ardent and humble devotee of Mother Pratyangira and closely associated with Her temple got into the conversation as did Amma and Swami.

Nittuji is the 'Gur' of the nearby Pancha Mukhi Hanuman temple. Most temples in the Himalayas have a priest and a gur; together, they perform the pujas and rituals of the temple. A gur is the person who is highly attuned to the energies of the diety of the temple and serves as the extension of the deity. The energies of the God or Goddess of the temple manifest in perceptible ways through the gur and speak through them.

The long-distance conversations between Amma and Swami and the temple people in Katrain that followed were magical as they got to know each other. Both sides were seeing matching prophecies that they had separately received and were seeing a convergence of them. They decided to meet in person in Katrain.

As we settled down after the long journey, Mamaji related to us the fascinating account of how Pratyangira Devi’s consciousness emerged from the Himalayas starting 27 years back, and how Her temple came into being in Katrain. Back in 1992, while the villagers were digging the earth, they uncovered a “Mukhmora”. A Mukhmora is a representation of a face and is a physical energy resource, an artifact of the Gods and Goddesses of the Himalayas. Its physical manifestation is as a metallic alloy object or as a mineral body. The Mukhmora that was unearthed was an Ashtadhatu (8 metals) face with discernable facial features. Being attuned to the natural Divine energies, the villagers immediately recognized this Mukhmora for what it is. With great reverence the owners of the land placed it inside their home. The villagers intuitively knew that they stumbled upon a great Divine energy resource, but were unsure which form of God or Goddess it belonged to. And so the Mukhmora stayed in that house for seven years until 1999.

A Mukhmora is a live energy resource, radiating its energies in the physical proximity and beyond. People who are tuned to its energies feel them in perceptible ways. That energy enters their being and speaks through them. They go into a natural high-energy state involuntarily and have an out-of-body experience. It is as though a high voltage spiritual energy is passing through them. The energy expresses itself through the person in spoken words. Often, what is spoken through the person in that high energy state is beyond their normal comprehension. Prophecies and visions are expressed. Desires of the energy, or more precisely, desires of the God or Goddess associated with the energy are expressed. Insights into people’s lives and solutions for their problems are given.

In 1999, the energy of the Mukhmora that was found 7 years back found its expression through Mamaji. All his previous years, Mamaji was an ardent devotee of Lord Hanuman, who is associated with Lord Rama and Sita Devi in the Indian epic Ramayana. Hanuman’s energies would come through Mamaji strongly with the assurance that His strength would always be with Mamaji.

When the energy of the Mukhmora expressed through Mamaji, it revealed that the Mukhmora corresponds to the Goddess, the Devi called Narsingi. Mamaji clearly saw the form of the Goddess. She had a female body and the head of a male lion. It was revealed that this form of the Divine Mother was the presiding deity in the Himalayas thousands of years back and that She was worshipped by the tribe of people here in the Himalayas. That She used to be part and parcel of everyone’s life here and was always there for them. That She has Her abode in the Void, or Shoonya.

The Goddess revealed through Mamaji that She had come from South India thousands of years ago to the Himalayas in North India and was worshipped by a tribe of people. However over time, Her energies got hidden and Her physical manifestations got buried. It seemed as though the powerful energies of the Mother got dissipated completely, but that was not the case. They were in their potent state as ever, except that they were not manifesting outwardly since they were hidden and waiting for the right time to emerge. And that right time was over the last 27 years and the present time and in the months and years to follow.

The Goddess, through Mamaji, instructed the people in the village to construct a temple for Her so She can touch the lives of many and lift their consciousness. In due course of time, they constructed the Mata Narsingi temple in Katrain. It was done through the collective effort of the villagers spearheaded by Mamaji who sacrificed his life for the Devi. Land for the temple was graciously donated by Sri Kultar Dev and Shyam Sundar Mahant. As per the visions shown to them, they created Her statues with the help of a sculptor and constructed a small but heartful temple in accordance with the shastras, the ancient Vedic texts.

Wanting to know more about this Devi and Her connection with South India, Mamaji and Nittuji started on an exploration on the Internet, in search of Her manifestation in South India. They discovered the existence of Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi in South India and saw the unmistakable similarity, nay, identity between Mata Narsingi and Mata Pratyangira. They had no doubt in their hearts that these two manifestations of the Mother were one and the same...

And so, over the last 20 years, the Pratyangira temple in Katrain has been in existence. It is locally known as Mata Narsingi temple. Pujas and Homas are done constantly, with big rituals at special times of the year. Other nearby temples in the Himalayas recognized this powerful form of the Devi and people have been finding healing in this temple.

When Amma Adi Sakthi and Swami Shanmuga entered the temple for the first time, it was a breathtaking experience for them. They felt the vibrations and could perceptibly feel the living energy of the Goddess there. Having waited for so many years, yearning for this manifestation of the Mother, it truly felt like a homecoming to them. The feeling of being reunited with a missing part of them, the feeling of being in the Mother’s lap, so much of healing of the hearts. It is hard to describe...

Many things and experiences would unfold over the coming days and are still unfolding in powerful ways. We will write about it in future posts. This is also an opportunity for you to be part of this journey and to partake in energies of Pratyangira Devi.

Jai Ma Narsingi!
Jai Ma Pratyangira!

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