How Pratyangira energies healed people

People associated with the Pratyangira Temple in Katrain had been waiting for a long time for the Mother's energies to unfold and intensify in ever more powerful ways. People in Katrain had been yearning for a human embodiment of Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi to come and help them address the micro and macro issues they were facing. They knew how potent of an energy of the Divine Mother Pratyangira was with them and Her potential in raising consciousness and bringing healing to all. And yet, that potential was not being realized and this primordial Shakti was not widely known to the world. Their yearning was for these energies to break free, it was a craving to break the stalemate.

About a year back, the temple priest Ajay Sharmaji also called Mamaji had a vision, a revelation, that the Mother in a human form would come to the village within a years' time and show them the way forward. He did not know who would come and how it would happen..

The vision finally came true with the arrival of Amma Adi Sakthi and Swami Shanmuga into Katrain. People in the village immediately recognized the presence of the Divine Mother amongst them in the form of Amma and Swami. They felt it in their souls and welcomed Amma and Swami with their hearts, embracing them as one of their own. And in turn, Amma and Swami felt so much at home. The village is falling in love with them, and they are falling in love with the village.

The days that followed the arrival of Amma and Swami in Katrain were magical, for lack of a better term to describe it. The women of the village would go into rapturous singing welcoming the Divine Mother amongst them. Their soulful singing with enchanting tunes and notes is enough to awaken the Divine in anyone and to feel the love and warmth of the Divine Mother in their hearts. As their singing intensified, so did the intensity of the Shakti in Amma and Swami and in turn found resonance amongst the gathering.

This part of the Himalayas has many small villages dotting the mountains. People here lead a simple lifestyle, working closely with nature. They integrate spirituality in every walk of their life. They recognize the Divine in every physical and non-physical manifestation of the universe and consider every person, plant, animal, mountain and everything around as manifestations of the Divine. There are many temples dedicated to the various forms of the Divine. People here have great reverence to nature and are in tune with it. They operate from their hearts and not their minds.

While the village people came together during the construction of the Pratyangira Temple in Katrain, over the years, they were no longer working in unison, and it appeared that the energies were stalling. Despite this, because of the dedication of a few people, Mamaji and Nittuji amongst them, the pujas and rituals in the Temple continued uninterrupted. Everyone in the village was longing to come on the same platform, to work in unity, in Ekatvam, but they could not and did not know how. They were waiting for the human embodiment of the Mother Pratyangira to come amongst them and show the way forward.

And help arrived in the form of Amma and Swami. They immediately understood that the friction amongst the people associated with the temple needed to be addressed for the Mother’s work to move forward. Talking to a few individuals, they realized everyone was looking forward for some active intervention to help them all move forward.

On Aug 8th there was a festive atmosphere in the temple. Many people gathered and collectively worked together to celebrate. As the kirtan singing intensified, the Divine Mother’s energies were rising in each one. Amma Adi Sakthi went into a Bhava, a state where she literally becomes the Divine Mother Pratyangira. There is a total transformation at every level, from the facial expressions, voice, gestures. It is a very high state of consciousness, of compassion and love, of knowingness, of understanding the needs of a soul. A state where the Shakti of the Mother flows freely and infinitely to those who receive it.

Even though Amma did not previously meet the people who form the core committee of the temple, much to everyone's surprise, she spontaneously identified each one of them amongst the gathering and held their hand and led them in front of the Pratyangira statue in the temple. Pouring out Her heart, the Mother expressed Her anguish and heartbreak at how the people were not working in harmony. It is the pain a mother experiences when she sees her children quarreling. Pratyangira Devi is the mother to everyone, and all She wanted was to set their differences aside, forgive each other and forget the past and turn a new leaf.

There was so much of healing, so much of emotions. People were crying as they released the hurt. It brought tears to everyone’s eyes to see how estranged people were holding each other's hands and embracing each other and performing the Arati together. There was more joyous singing to the rhythm of the drums. People spontaneously broke into ecstatic dancing and laughter amidst the singing and clanging of cymbals and beating of drums.

Unexpectedly, the consciousness of Lord Hanuman manifested through Swami Shanmuga. The previous day, he was strongly feeling the energies of Hanuman and had an astral visitation. In a photo that Swami took as he was having the experience, Lord Hanuman even showed Himself. As Swami literally became Hanuman, it brought out joy and laughter and mirth and healing amongst the people there. Such a huge blessing to see Pratyangira Devi and Hanuman embodying themselves through Amma and Swami on the same day.

After such a long time, there was a real Ekatvam, or Oneness in people’s hearts. The prophecy that Mamaji had about the Mother Pratyangira coming amongst them in a human form came true. Many in the village never thought such a day would come where everyone would come together. It was unbelievable what they were witnessing; it could only happen through Divine intervention. As they experienced and glorified the Divine Mother within them and experienced the healing through the Devi within them, the energies settled harmoniously.

There was a sense of peace, a sense of knowing that a new leaf has been turned, the beginning of the return to the past glory of the Mother. Amma Adi Sakthi and Swami Shanmuga are embarking on a Mangala Tapasya in the Himalayas and becoming a living Himalayan Yogini and Yogi. It is a profound spiritual discipline, spent mostly in silence and solitude, for the well-being and lifting the consciousness in the world. We are at the cusp, an inflexion point, where the energies of Sri Maha Pratyangira Devi are poised to reach to more people, to help them heal, lift their consciousness and lead them to the ultimate purpose of life, Moksha or liberation.

Jai Ma Narsingi!
Jai Ma Pratyangira!

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